The Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Palestinian American Medical Association “PAMA” along with MedGlobal association held scientific evening on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, entitled colorectal and Metastatic liver surgery.

Director General of Hospitals Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hajj inaugurated the evening with praising the surgical procedures conducted by PAMA since its arrival to the Gaza Strip, in terms of surgical operations, scientific lectures and exchange of experiences with local surgeons.

Dr. Haj added that the besieged Gaza Strip is in dire need for such efforts in light of depriving health personnel of their natural needs of training, scholarships and to gain expertise under the imposed siege.

Head of the American Medical Mission Dr. Yusuf Khalifa, said during his speech that one of the main objectives of the delegation’s visit to the Gaza is not only to conduct operations but to strengthen the relationship and to exchange experiences with medical personnel.

Dr. Khalifa, expressed his pleasure when he witnessed the medical development in the health facilities in Gaza. He pointed out that the medical staff should be proud of themselves for the medical achievements made under the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.