MOH-Gaza appreciates ICRC role in promoting various health services

Deputy minister of health Dr. Yousef Abu al-Rish appreciated the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC in promoting various health services, especially in the field of training medical staff in Gaza.

In a meeting gathered  Director of the (ICRC) Dr. Jillian Deveron, Dr. John Wolf, consultant vascular surgeon, and Dr. Abu Rish.

The latter expressed his appreciation for the extraordinary work provided by Dr. Wolf, at the end of his mission in Gaza over the past three years. Saying that Dr. John Wolf’s participation was an important addition to  our relationship with the ICRC, particularly in terms of providing a distinctive surgical service in the field of vascular surgery.

During the meeting, Dr. Abu Rish discussed methods of developing vascular surgery specialty and suggested the diploma to be approved by the Palestinian Medical Council.

Dr. Jilan Devereun expressed his pleasure for the cooperation between the MOH-Gaza and ICRC, and the continuous communication to achieve emergency interventions. At the end of the meeting, Abu Reish handed appreciation certificate to  Dr. John Wolf for his services during his tenure in Gaza.