MOH-Gaza carries a maneuver simulating the detection of potential the first local coronavirus case in the Gaza Strip

MOH-Gaza, Ministry of Health alongside the Ministry of Interior in Gaza implemented a medical simulation in cooperation with several medical institutions. This maneuver aimed to evaluate and assess the respiratory screening centers’ preparedness within the implemented measures by the MOH to counter the Coronavirus pandemic.
The simulation was performed under the direct supervision of Dr. Mohammad Awad, secretary-general of the Council of Ministers at the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Yousef Abu El-Rish, and Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza.
The maneuver was carried out to simulate the discovery of a suspected case of coronaviruses in a crowded residential neighborhood in Gaza City.
The maneuver included closing the hospital and the residential area, conducting contacts tracing, and separating the provinces.
Ministry of Health praised the extent of interaction of all health teams with the training program in both theoretical and practical aspects. MoH Called for using results of the maneuver assessment to enhance the procedures followed in these centers.