MOH-Gaza: Cochlear implants in Gaza continue with national efforts

15/05/2022|english, Main Title, reports|

MOH-Gaza: Cochlear implants in Gaza continue with national efforts

Cochlear implants in the Palestinian Ministry of Health continue to resettle in 2021 after a long process of joint work with the Qatari medical delegation.

The head of the Palestinian medical team specializing in cochlear implants, Dr. Muhammad Murad, said that cochlear implantation operations in the Gaza Strip are the end of the children’s suffering and the fear of hearing loss.

Dr. Murad indicated that 2021 witnessed 48 cases of cochlear implants, 25 of which were completely done by national hands.

As explained by Dr. Murad indicated that cochlear implants are currently being performed for children in the Gaza Strip as part of an initiative called ” I have the right to hear”, where 9 cochlear implants have been performed since the beginning of the initiative.

According to Dr. Mourad, the results of cochlear implants in the Gaza Strip are comparable to the best international centers in the world, where children were able to hear, speak, and integrate into schools and the community.

Hearing disability is the third most prevalent type of disability according to the Palestinian Statistics Center, as hearing disabilities constitute 0.5% of the population.

Since 2017, the Ministry of Health has made unremitting efforts to settle cochlear implant services in the Gaza Strip. The Ministry has also approved several health centers in partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees for the early detection of children with hearing disabilities.