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MoH- Gaza: Corona’s crisis negatively affected the number of medical delegations in Gaza

By |يوليو 26th, 2020|english, Main Title, reports|

The current Corona pandemic crisis negatively affected the number of medical delegations visiting the Gaza Strip, which contributed significantly to alleviate Gaza citizens suffering, especially children.
According to the semi-annual report issued by PHIC, the ministry of health received 37 medical delegations, compared to the first half of 2019, which reached 67 medical delegations.

Medical delegations provided oncology services, open-heart surgery for children, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, kidney transplants, cochlear implants, in addition to several diagnostic and treatment services.
Ministry of Health adopted the policy of attracting international medical delegations, to ease the suffering of the blockade citizens in the Gaza Strip, not mentioning the movement restrictions imposed on the enclave coastal by the Israeli occupation.
Medical delegations also contributed to enrich the local medical staff with work experiences, raising the efficiency and quality of health services provided to Gazans.