Over two years the Department of Maternal and Child Health, with the support of the Ministry of Health and the concerned institutions, has been able to launch the pre-pregnancy counseling service program, and spreading health awareness among women of fertility age, and to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child, the Department of Maternal and Child Health has been providing this service in all MoH centers in the Gaza Strip. Which contributes significantly to reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity.

Director of Maternal Health Department in the Public Administration of Primary health Care Dr. Nahla Hilles explained that the pre-pregnancy counseling service program starts by encouraging women to use the appropriate pregnancy control method for two or three months to conduct a comprehensive medical examination to address any health problems that may affect her or her fetus during pregnancy.

Dr. Hilles noted that Pre-pregnancy counseling program also includes women’s health education about healthy habits related to nutrition, weight, and the importance of avoiding smoking, radiation, chemicals and anything that can affect their health and their fetus’.

Dr. Hilles pointed out that the Primary Health Care administration obliges the mother to accompany their children on first vaccination appointment , While home visits are carried out by midwives and nurses for new mothers or those who had risk pregnancy within 72 hours after birth to ensure the health of the mother and the child, assess and investigate risk factors and enforce appropriate medical intervention, as well as health education on breastfeeding, nutrition and the use of family planning methods.

Dr. Hilles said that the post-pregnancy care service included about 95% of the women registered with the MOH. According to the statistics of the department from January to November 2018, the service was provided to 10375 women, while 5350 home visits were carried out to mothers within 72 hours of birth.