UNRWA delegation visits MOH-Gaza to establish humanitarian cooperation

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish has met with the health Program Director at UNRWA Dr. Ghada Aljedba to discuss various health issues.
The two parties discussed the comprehensive evaluation of the Health program and identified the most important points that require supporting, to achieve laudable results through other projects and programs.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish praised the ECHO program, where cases are referred from the Ministry of Health hospitals to the private hospitals in cooperation with UNRWA and supported by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO), which contributed with completing 80% of the waiting lists of operations in various surgical specialties, to achieve the greatest benefit in favor of the patients. Commenting on the role played by the UNRWA in promoting health services.
In the same context, Dr. Al-Jedba praised the Ministry’s role and keenness to open further horizons of cooperation to improve public health and facilitate patients’ access to a decent health service.