MOH – Gaza: EGH Cardiac surgery Department performs 13 open-heart surgeries supported by QRCS

The medical staff at the Open Heart Surgery Department of the European Gaza Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip performed 13 surgeries, with the participation of Dr. Asaad Haniyeh: ” the Qatari Red Crescent consultant for cardiac surgery in the Gaza Strip.”

The Head of the Open Heart Surgery Department, Dr. Saher Abu Ghali, said “the operations carried out with the participation of Dr. Haniyeh spared Gaza patients from traveling abroad seeking treatment. Not to mention the ability of the local team to exchange and enhance their experience in the Gaza Strip.

On his part, Dr. Haniyeh praised the capabilities of the local medical staff participating in the operations and the promotion of exchange and medical expertise, which constituted a distinctive addition to the cardiac surgery department at the European Gaza Hospital.
The delegation’s visit came in coordination between the Ministry of Health and the QRCS, through the “Specialized Surgical Operations for Poor Patients in Gaza 2022” project, which includes providing surgical services to patients in various specialties, most notably cardiothoracic, vascular and orthopedic surgery, to contribute to improving the quality of health services provided to the health sector in Gaza.