MoH – Gaza expands Covid 19 vaccination campaigns to reach 50,000 people

22/06/2021|english, Main Title, reports|

MoH – Gaza expands Covid 19 vaccination campaigns to reach 50,000

The Director of Preventive Medicine, Dr. Magdi Duhair at the Ministry of Health-Gaza, in an interview, said that the number of people who received the “Covid 19” vaccine exceeded 50,000 people after the Ministry of Health announced that it would reduce the age group to 30 years-old.

Dr.Duhair said, “The vaccination campaign targets everyone who is over the age of 18, to reach herd immunity to eradicate this pandemic.”

He added that the successive campaigns are based on the availability of vaccine quantities at the Ministry of Health, as the age groups are determined within the drawn-up plan set by the Ministry.

He continued, “We are expanding in targeting the required age- groups and intensifying campaigns to spread awareness and educate citizens about the necessity of receiving the vaccine.

Dr. Duhair expressed his concern about the unexpected entry of a third wave into the Gaza Strip, especially after the return to normal life in the Strip.

Especially after the noticeable inaction of citizens and their disregard for prevention and safety measures, stressing the need to speed up receiving the vaccine, especially since we did not reach the required number to obtain herd immunity.