MOH-Gaza: Hemodialysis Department at Al-Aqsa Hospital, the lung of life for 127 patients with renal failure

The artificial kidney Department at Al-AqsaHospital is considered a vital department in the hospital, as it provides services to 127 patients with kidney failure in the central governorate.

The head of the kidney department at Al-Aqsa Hospital, Mr. Saeed Khattab, indicated that the department operates with 20 hemodialysis machines, with a rate of 3 sessions per day, for 127 patients, with a total of (11524) sessions since the beginning of 2022.

Mr.Khattab said that the ministry had provided new equipment to develop the hemodialysis services, pointing to developing the appropriate protocols, in addition to giving hormone therapy periodically according to international regulation, while following up with doctors and the laboratory.