MOH-Gaza holds a meeting to discuss better ways to enhance the Ministry of Health reality

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Youf Abu Al-Reesh along with two Deputy Assistants Dr. Medhat Muheisen, and Eng. Osama Qasim, in addition to Dr.Abdulsalam Sabah General Manager of Hospitals  met with a number of ministry’s general directors, hospital managers, directors of departments and administrative directors of hospitals, to review the most critical challenges that impeding the attainment of services, and presented the most appropriate solutions to overcome these challenges.

Dr. Abu Al-Rish recommended taking advantage of the available capabilities for the benefit of the health staff and patients at the same time, suggesting developing a special program to communicate with the public to deliver the ministry’s message through its cadres in the service of patients.

Dr. Medhat Muheisen called for socializing with the surrounding community of each hospital, and involve them in the concerns and obstacles faced by the hospital, and brief them on the most important achievements made by the Ministry to provide health services necessary for patients.