MOH-Gaza honors the maternal mortality data collection team

    MOH-Gaza honors the maternal mortality data, the collection team

MOH-Gaza, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip organized an honoring ceremony for the maternity mortality data, collection team as this team worked to collect comprehensive information about the deceased woman, with deep investigations to the cause of death, including complications of pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum.
Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Yusef Abu Al-Reesh, praised the team’s efforts, stressing that their work is not merely collecting numbers and data, but rather “a life given to every woman.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish thanked the United Nations Fund staff, for the services provided to the MoH, and for improving health services.
Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary Eng. Osama Qassem said that the Ministry of Health paid great attention to this program because it aims to improve the quality of work provided to pregnant women and newborns.
At the end of the ceremony Dr. Abd al-Raziq al-Kurd, a member of the Maternal Mortality Committee, reviewed a summary of deaths during the previous years, speaking about how to monitor cases, methods of data collection and careful investigation, and deduce the causes of deaths, and the medical gaps that are analyzed.