MOH – Gaza honours WHO emergency team head in Palestine

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Services Sector in the Ministry of Health, Dr Abdel-Latif Al-Hajj, honoured the Head of the Emergency Team at the World Health Organization in Palestine, Mr David Lay, in appreciation of his efforts to support the health sector in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Hajj thanked the official for his significant efforts in supporting the health sector in Palestine, which reflected the service of our people, especially in strengthening the resilience of health facilities in times of emergency and Israeli attacks.

For his part, Mr David Lay praised the WHO facilitation at the Ministry of Health facilities and the good personal and human relations that brought it together with the health cadres in the Gaza Strip.

Mr Lay expressed his admiration for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the high commitment shown by the medical staff in performing their duties despite the major circumstances they suffer from in terms of lack of capabilities, medicines and medical supplies.

The meeting included discussions on several issues and demands for establishing a radiotherapy centre in the Gaza Strip to treat oncology patients in the Gaza Strip, where Dr Al-Hajj, demonstrated the great suffering of cancer patients and the loss of many patients’ lives as a result of the occupation’s obstruction of their travel outside the Gaza Strip to receive treatment.