MoH – Gaza: laparoscopic surgery witnessed significant and qualitative developments in the past 14 years

28/02/2021|english, Main Title, reports|

MoH – Gaza: laparoscopic surgery witnessed significant and qualitative developments in the past 14 years

As always, Palestinian minds did not stand helpless in the face of the state of the crises, resulted from the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 14 years, where the health system had the lion’s share in these improvements within its various branches and specialties.

On the surgical level, specialized surgeries have witnessed remarkable developments in laparoscopic technologies.

Dr. Nasser Abu Shaaban an expert and consultant laparoscopic surgeon in the Ministry of Health, said: ” laparoscopic surgery started in its early stages in performing specific operations, as abdominal adhesion, and splenectomy due to the modest capabilities, and then repairing diaphragmatic hernia with the laparoscopic technology in 2007.

Dr. Abu Shaban added that laparoscopic surgeries began to develop gradually in the Gaza Strip, where they now include some cases of colectomy and appendectomy, as well as performing gastric sleeve for the first time using the laparoscopic technique in the Gaza Strip.

For the first time in 2009, the surgical teams were able to perform several qualitative surgeries like; removing the suprarenal gland by laparoscopy.

In 2012 endoscopy evolved targeting the biliary tract, allowing patients to conduct their operations in Gaza rather than traveling a brode.

Therapeutic endoscopic surgeries like esophageal anastomoses removing polyps from any part of the digestive system were not available in Gaza but recently.

Dr. Abu Shaaban praised MOH’s great role in cooperation with international institutions, in developing equipped laparoscopic training by the beginning of 2010.

Dr. Abu Shaaban pointed out that the ministry brought in specialized and qualified delegations that contributed to the training of surgical cadres using the laparoscopic technique.

It is worth mentioning that Laparoscopic surgery is based on the combination of electronic development technology and surgical principles, as it is based on performing small surgical incisions through appropriate places where a camera or a precise telescope is inserted through the cavities of the chest, abdomen, or pelvis, transmission of light through optical fibers, and then surgical intervention.