MOH – Gaza: Liverpool kidney transplantation delegation starts the 28th stage of the first program

The medical delegation arrived for kidney transplantation, headed by Dr. Abdel Qader Hammad, Head of the Organ Transplantation Unit at Liverpool University Hospital in Britain, arrived at Al-Shifa Medical Complex.
The Director of the Surgery Hospital, Dr. Nidal Abu Hadros, and the Director of the internal medicine Hospital, Dr. Raafat Labbad, received the delegation.

Dr. Abu Hadros welcomed the medical delegation, praising their continuous efforts in helping the patients of the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Al-Qishawy said that the local staff prepared four cases after completing all the necessary arrangements and examinations, indicating that the first kidney transplant program had completed 84 operations since its launch in 2013.
The first program implements training for the local staff as part of the Ministry of Health’s continuous efforts to localize the Kidney transplantation service and alleviate the suffering of patients.