As part of the continuous relations between the people of Malaysia and Palestine, deputy Minister of Health Dr. Yousef Abu Rish, the General-Director of International Cooperation Dr. Ashraf Abu Mahadi, and the General – Director of supportive units in MOH Dr. Khalil Shakfeh received a Malaysian delegation. The delegation represented the government and the MAPIM foundation, both deligations to discussed new strategies of cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, Dr. Abu Rish suggested to develop a new strategies to help the health sector in Gaza.

Head of Malaysian Mission Mr. Sani Arabi said that they work to cooperate with the ministry to train Palestinian doctors.
Dr. Abu Rish, demonstrated the needs of health sector in Gaza and the medical teams in terms of the required consumables and medicines, pointing to the chronic crises of medical shortage because of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip .