“Al- Khattab” was born with a Congenital Anomaly in the esophagus that prevented her from suckling milk for four months as she was dependent only on the direct feeding through the stomach instead. Doctors at Al Shifa Medical Complex subjected the baby to a surgical procedure that ended the suffering of the baby and her mother at once. In an interview with the mother , she thanked the medical staff headed by Dr. Ismail Nassar, the head of Pediatric Surgery Department .
Dr.Nassar commented on the operation, saying: “This operation is complicated , where the baby was born with oesophageal atresia, a congenital condition that affects the alimentary tract. It causes the esophagus to end in a blind-ended pouch rather than connecting normally to the stomach.
Dr. Nassar said that after we diagnosed her with radiology work and the clinical examination, the surgical staff intervened by performing a surgical repair to reconnect the two ends of the esophagus to each other, the pricedure was carried out through two stages, the first is to open a feeding stoma in order to feed the infant and to expand the stomach, where this stage lasted for four months.
After the first stage was confirmed by radiography, the baby was admitted for the second stage, to reconnect both esophageal ends in an operation that took more than 8 hours. Dr. Nassar said that the baby is starting to suckle the milk through her mouth and her health is gradually improving as she is recovering in the Department of Pediatric Surgery .