MOH – Gaza: organizes a study day on the life cycle of medical devices

The Construction and Equipment Unit of the Ministry of Health organized a study day entitled “Life Cycle of Medical Devices” the event took place with the participation of assistant undersecretaries, general managers, directors of hospitals, directors of departments and units, and those with relevant positions.

During the study day, the present reviewed the methodology of the medical device life cycle procedures guide, the mechanism for arranging the device file, and the methodology used in preparing the guide, through holding a series of meetings and workshops with the participation of relevant departments and units.

This manual aims to control the identification of needs and priorities, control the process of communication with donors, control the process of stockpiling devices to achieve maximum benefit, and come up with recommendations for implementing the procedures guide.

The medical devices life cycle procedures guide aimed to provide data to donors promptly in addition to providing a sustainable medical service, in addition to adhering to regulations that prevent wrong individual judgments.