The General Administration of Hospitals and the Nursery Committee organized a workshop to prevent neonatal and maternal mortality from the streptococcus bacterium “GBS”.

The workshop was held in the presence of several interested persons in MOH headed by the Deputy Ministry of Health Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Reesh, Director of the Medical Department Dr. Ahmed Shatat, Director General of Hospitals, Dr. Abdul Salam Sabah, directors of maternity hospitals, a pediatrician in nurseries, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology in Gaza hospitals’, primary care, NGOs and international institutions.
Dr. Shatat said that the results of the accumulations of previous researchers, in the last few years, which considered as a guarantee for the stability of maternity and newborn services within the nurseries despite the challenges and difficulties facing the health sector.
Dr. Shatat ensured the credibility of the results of the recent survey of the Palestinian Statistics Center on neonatal mortality rates, which reflects the huge efforts and investments that have been made in medical personnel in recent years and the provision of medical devices and medicines.
Dr. Nabil Al-Barqouni, Chairman of the GNN Committee in the Gaza Strip, reviewed the rate of newborn deaths during the past five years, and what are the causes leading to neonatal deaths.
Dr. Barqouni presented a comparison of the mortality rate in Jordan, pointing out that the newborn mortality rate, according to the Statistics Center (MICS), was 9.4 per 1,000 live births.
At the end of the workshop, the participants recommended setting up a unified protocol on the national level and to ensure the medical personnel who are involved with this care complete personnel training in hospitals and primary care centers, assigning a team to ensure an integrated work system, transferring cases between hospitals and primary care, and monitoring the necessary updates to the protocol.