MOH – Gaza: PAMA cardiac medical delegation conducts a series of open-heart surgeries in partnership with the local surgical staff

Surgical cadres in the Gaza European Hospital have begun to perform a series of open-heart surgeries for patients in the Gaza Strip in partnership with the Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA), which specializes in open-heart surgery.

The head of the open-heart surgery department at EGH, Dr Saher Abu Ghali stated that the local team in partnership with the delegation’s doctors began to perform the first open-heart surgery after examining about 30 patients, where they selected the most cases in need of surgery.

Dr Abu Ghali indicated that the operations will continue throughout the week, with a rate of two to three operations per day.

Dr Abu Ghali added that the local team’s experience with the PAMA delegation is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and conduct specific complex cases in a way that reduces the burden of transfers abroad for citizens.

The medical delegation, which includes nursing staff and intensive care staff, is headed by cardiothoracic consultant and vascular surgery at the Palestine Medical Complex, Dr Ahmed Darwazah, the consultant cardiac surgeon at Al-Najah Hospital, and Dr Moath Nairat.