According to the annual report issued by the PHIC at the Ministry of Health for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for 2019, Physiotherapy services provided to 61 thousand patients, among them 28 thousand patients in the primary health care centers. While 26 thousand of them in hospitals.
These services are provided through 12 physiotherapy departments at the Ministry of Health facilities, 9 of which are in hospitals, and 3 are in PHC. MOH in Gaza provides a wide range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services including manual treatment, heat therapy, electrotherapy, and gymnastic therapy.
The patients received 466 thousand physiotherapy treatment sessions, with a rate of 30.3 per thousand of the population, and with a rate of 7.6 sessions per patient.
It is worth mentioning that the ministry’s clinics are among the clinical physiotherapy services providers, which are related to the time spent by the patient in the hospital, in addition to Al-Wafa Hospital and Al-Amal Hospital, which are among the private health institutions that provide clinical physiotherapy service.