MOH – Gaza: Plastic and orthopaedic surgeons at Al-Shifa Complex succeed to save a young man’s leg from amputation

A multidisciplinary diagnostic medical team consisting of plastic and orthopaedic surgeons at Al-Shifa Medical Complex managed to perform a qualitative and complex operation, which consists of transferring skin and muscle tissue with the artery feeding it and connecting it to the main leg artery, as the operation lasted seven hours.

According to Dr Ahmed Al-Makhalati, Head of the Burns and Plastic Surgery Department, the patient, who is 35 years old, suffered an injury during which he lost a large part of the tissues of his right leg and 12 cm of the leg bones, indicating that in such cases, the tissues surrounding the injured area are damaged and are not suitable for restoration.

Where the plastic surgery team and the orthopaedics team cooperated to cover the missing skin and muscles so that the orthopaedic surgery team headed by Dr Mahmoud Matar could install an advanced unilateral lengthening device to compensate for the missing bone and replace it.

Dr Al-Makhallati explained that the patient received medical care with the same international standards and recommendations, which recommend starting the leg restoration process before the end of the second week of the injury.