In a telephone interview with the Deputy Director-General of Primary Care for Public Health Affairs, Dr. Magdy Dahir said that the epidemiology department is examining Gaza returnees from Rafah and Beit Hanoun crossings.
The specialized and trained team of doctors and nurses, conduct field investigations of suspected cases of coronavirus.

They are highly trained in case tracing for the confirmed cases with COVID-19 and to take the appropriate measures to contain the infected cases.
Dr. Dahir said that “the five medical teams distributed over the Gaza Strip, and they are known as quick response teams.”
“They take PCR samples for all returnees in the fourth and the nineteenth day of quarantine just before the returnees leave the designated center, Dr. Dhair added.
However, the samples are taken to any person who shows any symptoms, noting that they are continuously coordinate with hospitals, quarantine centers, borders, and crossings.