MoH- Gaza receives modern ultrasound devices supported by the Qatar Red Crescent

Ministry of Health in Gaza held a training session on modern ultrasound devices for the Maternal and Child Health Services, which was generously donated by the Qatar Red Crescent and with the participation of the supplier Arfaloon Medical Equipment Co.

 The meeting was attended by engineers responsible for the training and a number of lady doctors, Director of General Supplies Department at the Ministry of Health Bassam Barhoum,  Eng. Mazen Al Araishi Director of Primary Care Maintenance Department and, Director of Maternal and Child Health Department in the Ministry of Health Dr. Nahla Hellas

On his side, Mr. Bassam Barhoum said that receiving  (11) Ultrasound device from the Qatar Red Crescent is considered as a huge project, and shall make a wonderful paradigm shift in the government health centers.

During his word, Engineer Mazen Al Araishi said that this project comes as a result of joint effort in terms of identifying the needs of this department and putting the best universal features to these devices, pointing out that they selected an engineer from each province to train doctors how to use the devices properly.

Dr. Nahla Hellas addressed the attendants and informed about the project aims, which are early detection of risk factors such as congenital malformations, reducing morbidity and mortality in mother and child, and reducing the percentage of women who are transferred to hospitals.