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Moh- Gaza receives Rahma Worldwide Foundation, and MedGlobal sent a medical convoy to Gaza

By |يوليو 26th, 2020|english, latest news, Main Title|

The Ministry of Health represented by The Director-General of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Munir Al-Barrash has received a shipment of medical medicines provided by Rahma Worldwide Foundation and MedGlobal Foundation.
Dr. Al-Barrash stated that this shipment will generously contribute to improving the service provided to patients, as it contains part of the important basic items.
Dr.Al-Barrash called all concerned institutions to provide Gaza with the necessary support for medicines and medical tasks, which suffers from a shortage exceeding 40% of the medicines, especially at this stage where the Ministry of Health seeks to fortify the strip against Corona pandemic.
Deputy Director of the Foundation / Gaza Office Mr. Moataz Odeh said that the shipment includes important medicines for cancer, renal frailer, intensive care, and primary health care.