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MOH-Gaza: Shifa Medical Complex surgical services continue to perform within COVID-19 safety measures

By |أكتوبر 14th, 2020|english, reports|

According to a report issued by the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, the surgical hospital performed nearly 1,300 surgeries from September until the tenth of October,2020.
Dr. Marwan Abu Saada director of the surgery hospital in the complex said ” at the beginning of Coronavirus spread Gaza community in late August 2020, medical teams limited the admission to emergency and life-saving operations”.

“During the second week of the spread of the Covid 19 virus, semi-emergency operations and oncology surgeries were resumed, then to all operations according to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health”, he added.
Dr. Abu Saada said the most important procedures followed before the surgical intervention of any patient, is to conduct a COVID-19 test. Patients with negative COVID-19 results are admitted to special departments, and then to the operation theater.