MoH-Gaza, Stopes scheduled operations to employ all capabilities to confront the COVID-19 pandemic

MoH-Gaza, Stopping scheduled operations to employ all capabilities to confront the Corona epidemic

Director-General of Hospitals Dr. Abdel Salam Sabah announced on Monday morning the suspension of scheduled operations but maintaining emergency operations, in addition to the temporary closure of outpatient clinics for 14 days.

Dr. Sabah stressed several decisions and practical measures that have been taken to maintain essential services within hospitals, including preventing the presence of escorts unless necessary, determining places of entry and exit, in addition to conducting a PCR examination for patients admitted to hospitals whose stay exceeds 48 hours.

️During an interview, Dr. Sabah said: “The health system in Gaza remains fragile, due to the siege on the Gaza Strip and the scarcity of resources at the Palestinian Ministry of Health.”

He added: “The steady increase in the infection rate affects hospitals’ regular services to non-Covid patients.”

He called on all citizens to take the utmost degree of prevention, safety, and non-negligence and adhere to wearing masks and physical distancing.