MOH-Gaza: The acute shortage of COVID-19 testing reagents limits laboratory capacity by 50%

The Palestinian MOH in Gaza has reached a difficult stage due to the lack of laboratory materials needed for testing COVID 19 samples in the central laboratory.
The reagents for the laboratory equipment which had been donated by some agencies will be finished in the coming hours, and the laboratory’s ability to conduct a COVID 19 test will be limited.

If this happens, testing Covid sqmples will affect negatively the continuation of the epidemiological mapping, disease contacts evaluation , suspected cases, and random swabs within the community.

MOH efforts would have severe consequences to confront the epidemic. We suffer from shortage of 50% of laboratory supplies and blood banks, which will affect other tests needed by COVID 19 patients.
We call up on all local, regional, and international bodies to save the health situation immediately by intervening to meet our urgent laboratory and medical needs to confront the pandemic.