MOH – Gaza: The completion of the 25th phase within the first national project for kidney transplantation in Gaza

The national medical team for kidney transplantation, headed by Dr. Abdul Qader Hammad, a kidney transplant consultant at Liverpool Hospital, Britain, and in cooperation with the local team headed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Qishawi, managed to complete the twenty-fifth phase of the first program for kidney transplantation.

Since the beginning of the program in 2013, the medical teams have conducted 79 kidney transplantation, 5 of which were performed this visit.

Dr. Abdul Qader Hammad praised the local team’s performance, which is carried out by our surgical staff in each urology and vascular department.

Head of the Artificial Kidneys’ Department at Al-Shifa Hospital Dr. Abdullah Al-Qishawi explained that the Ministry of Health in Gaza has facilitated conducting kidney transplantation in the Strip by providing a Tissue typing device.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Health, kidney transplant patients who are being followed up in the strip hospitals by the end of 2021 reached about 406 patients, while kidney failure patients who are subjected to dialysis reached about 1031 patients.

As part of the MOH plan to alleviate the suffering of kidney transplant patients in the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Health has allocated two kidney transplant programs. The first program began in cooperation with the Royal Liverpool Hospital in Britain in 2013, while the second program began in 2019 in cooperation with the consultant’s kidney and vascular transplantation in the Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Walid Masoud.