MOH – Gaza: The European Gaza Hospital receives a delegation specialized in neurosurgery

The European Gaza Hospital received a medical delegation specializing in neurosurgery from the occupied territories in 1948, headed by the spine consultant at Hasharon Hospital, Dr. Firas Melhem.

Dr. Hazem Madi, head of the neurosurgery department, stated that the medical delegation, with the participation of the local staff, performed three spinal – fixation highly-skilled surgeries.
Dr. Madi indicated that the delegation’s visit will be periodic every two months, to help the largest number of patients in the Gaza Strip.

In turn, the head of the delegation, Dr. Feras Melhem praised the efficiency of the local medical staff, expressing his admiration for the cooperation of the local work team.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Health is constantly seeking to attract medical delegations to participate with local staff to train and refine their expertise and surgical skills.