MOH-Gaza: Health services expansion in 2020

15/03/2021|english, Main Title, reports|

MOH-Gaza: the expansion on the quantitative level of health services until the year 2020

According to the latest report issued by the Palestinian Health Information Center (2006_2020), the Ministry of Health expanded the quantitative level of services provided by the Ministry has increased.

The number of hospitals in the Gaza Strip increased from (10) hospitals since 2006 to (14) hospitals during 2020.

The report mentioned the increase in the number of hospital beds from (1,587) to (2,616) beds during fourteen years of diligent work to develop health services, as the number of intensive care beds reached (150) beds in 2020.

The report pointed to the increase in nursery beds to become (137) beds, up from 81 beds in 2006.

Meanwhile, the report showed that the total number of hemodialysis units in the Ministry’s hospitals is (152) units during 2020, which serve (938) patients.