MoH-Gaza: The first fully Palestinian cochlear implant operation

04/02/2021|english, Main Title, reports|

Palestinian local surgical teams have succeeded for the first time to implant cochlear in Gaza, the operation performed on a two-and-a-half-year-old girl who had a hearing impairment due to complications after birth.
The operation was performed in Al-Quds Hospital, with the Qatari medical team observing via video conference, completed successfully by otorhinolaryngologist consultant and head of the medical team specializing in cochlear implantation, Dr. Muhammad Murad, who stated that all vital signs during the operation indicate the good response of the child who was undergoing the operation.
Dr. Murad praised deputy minister of health Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish’s efforts in follow-up closely the procedures preceding the operation.
The two-year-old girl’s mother said: “I hope this team will contribute to end the suffering of hundreds of children and restore hope for their families to enable the children to hear and speak in the future.”
Hearing impairment is the second most common type of disability in the Gaza Strip, and the Ministry of Health has, in recent years, in cooperation with the State of Qatar, through specialized medical delegations in partnership with the local staff, to perform dozens of surgeries to alleviate the suffering of children with hearing disabilities.