MOH – Gaza: The Italian pediatric Cardiac medical delegation arrives at the EGH

The Italian delegation specializing in pediatric Cardiac surgery arrived at the European Gaza Hospital to perform open heart surgeries.

Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department, Dr. Saher Abu Ghali noted that the 13 members of the Italian delegation, including surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists, examined 25 patients to perform 11 operations during one week, with the participation of the local staff, at a rate of three cases per day.

Abu Ghali added: “The delegations’ visits aim to help children by conducting high-skilled operations that contribute to alleviating the suffering, as well as cooperating with the local staff to exchange scientific, practical, and professional experiences.”

Dr. Abu Ghali expressed his sincere appreciation to the Palestine Children’s Relief Foundation (PCRF), which facilitated the delegation visit.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Italian delegation, Dr. Bruno Murzi said:
“The Gaza Strip has a higher rate of heart deformation compared to Italy and the West Bank as a result of the war remnants that contain heavy metals with radioactive materials that affect genes, so we work here to help and treat these people.”

Dr. Murzi praised the local team and the Department of Cardiac Surgery,
which he considered a very well-qualified department for the follow-up and treatment of heart surgery patients in Gaza.