MOH-Gaza, UK Surgeons, cooperate to perform complicated colon cancer surgeries

11/03/2020|english, Main Title, reports|

Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza announced medical cooperation between the cadres in the strip specializing in colon cancer surgery and doctors in the United Kingdom to transfer experiences through “video conference” technology.

Colon surgery consultant at Shifa Medical Complex Dr. Muhammad Al-Ren said: “This step is aimed to develop the surgical capabilities of the medical staff in the Gaza Strip. Where the British medical staff has extensive experience and use of modern methods and technologies in the same field”, he added.

These meetings will involve several backstopping support specializations such as radiology, oncology surgeons and several other specializations to gain more experience regarding diagnosing by image reading and samples and tissue analysis.

Colon cancer is considered to be one of the most common types among men in the Gaza Strip, therefore, the Ministry of Health is making great efforts for early detection of disease and develop treatment services provided to oncology patients in health facilities.