MoH-Gaza urges pregnant women to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible

The Palestinian Ministry of Health encouraged pregnant women in the Gaza Strip to take COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible, as they proved their safety and effectiveness for pregnant women and protect them from covid complications.

Dr. Rami Al-Abadla, Director of the Infection Control Unit at the Ministry of Health, said during an interview: “The vaccination is the best solution, women can take the vaccination during any time of the pregnancy, this decision has been proven by studies conducted around the world”.

Al-Abadla continued: “it never has been more urgent to receive the vaccinations than now, due to delta variant and its highly contagious ability.”

Dr. Al-Abadla indicated that the Ministry of Health seeks to immunize the largest number possible of Gazans, who have venerable immunity, and pregnant women.

The Ministry of Health seeks to vaccine 80% of the citizens in the Strip, to mitigate the fourth wave severity, as well as reduce the number of mortality and severely ill cases.