MOH, Gynecological laparoscopic surgeries in Gaza are rapidly evolving to provide a better service to patients

Director of the maternity and obstetric hospital in Shifa Medical Complex Dr. Hani Mahdi said that the remarkable success of the training program since 2015, which was coordinated in cooperation with the Norwegian Representative Office of Norway in Palestine  “NORWAC” and lasted for two years, had a steady and quick jump in the world of medicine to replace laparotomy surgical interventions.

The laparoscopic technique is done through four small surgical openings with a size of 1cm, this technique is used to reduce the time of patients’ admission in the hospital from 3-4 days to a few hours, which saves time, effort and medical supplies.

Dr. Mahdi added that the local team was trained by a Norwegian medical team “NORWAC”, which meant to train three local doctors, who in turn trained four doctors to be distributed to hospitals hoping to open a complete unit.

During the month of August the number of cases reached  (50) cases, an average of (10) cases a week, he added that there is a vast difference in terms of treating patients with conventional methods since diagnosis and treatment are done at the same time. Where this department meant to diagnose gynecological illnesses starting from infertility, ectopic pregnancy, blockage of fallopian tubes, foreign bodies, removal of all types of ovarian cysts, cleaning migratory endometrium,  removal of intrauterine myoma, ending with hysterectomy.