MoH helds the Israeli occupational forces accountable for acts against health institutes and professionals

press release issued by MOH- Gaza

MoH holds the Israeli occupational forces accountable for acts against health institutes and professionals

Series of Zionist crimes continues against the unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip, on land, sea, and air, to spread terror and destruction everywhere, to health institutions that have not been excluded from such terrorist practices. The Indonesian Hospital in the Northern Gaza Strip has been severely damaged including the rooms of the patients making confusion of work due to the deliberate targeting of the areas adjacent to the hospital horrifying the patients and medical staff, and therefore we in the Ministry of Health point out the following:

1. The follower of the series of Zionist targeting of the health professionals and health institutions during the provision of health services, especially in the victims of the Great Marche of Return and breaking the siege. Will note the Israeli crimes reached the field medical points, paramedics and ambulances, and what was committed at dawn today against the Indonesian hospital leaves no room for doubt that the occupation has beaten all the norms and gave the green light to put those institutions and staff in the circle of direct targeting, and the most dangerous types of deadly weapons.

2. The medical staff and the patients in the Indonesian hospital spent difficult and harsh hours under the sound of heavy shelling damaging parts of the hospital’s roofs, sections of the hospital with splinters of glass everywhere. The patients were evacuated in the corridors and in the hospital’s inner halls, which are not ready to provide safe treatment, This causes panic and the patients were terrified because of the intensity of the bombing.

3. The Ministry of Health is extremely concerned about these criminal practices and places them as part of the continuous targeting of medical institutions and staff. The victims were 3 medical martyrs, 420 paramedics, 80 ambulances injured, and the health sector is still deprived of the necessary health services. Therefore, the Ministry of Health calls on all institutions and bodies concerned to hold the occupier accountable for these crimes and to activate the international protection accord for the protection of medical crews, health facilities, ambulances and criminalize the practices of the racist occupation.

4. The Ministry of Health has conducted a series of contacts and follow-up on the ground through a Central Emergency Room, with many international institutions, putting them in the picture of the risk of renewed crime against health institutions and the necessity of mobilizing a supportive to protect patients’ rights.

5. The Ministry of Health salutes all the medical, administrative and nursing staff of the Indonesian Hospital, which has a high level of responsibility in dealing with this dangerous event, and has worked to transport and evacuate patients to ensure their safety and determination for the provision of therapeutic care to them.