MOH continues in launching the activities of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which coincidence with October every year. These campaigns are meant to educate women and urge them to conduct examinations for early detection of breast cancer, wither by self-examination or clinical examination by qualified doctors or even by a mammogram.

Ministry of Health recently launched its campaign under the slogan (Check yourself now … to be safe and to have hope), which coincidence with October every year.

Dr. Aida Helles, a doctor in the breast cancer early detection program stated that the department examine rate of mammograms is 10 women per day, where 2800 cases have been dealt with since the establishment of the department at the end of 2017, noting that the mammogram is a modern digital device helps to the early detection of the disease, it works with digital technology without the need for radiation films and detects the masses of the intangible cancer and thus increases the probability of recovery by 98%.

A report issued by the Palestinian Health Information Center (PHIC), the incidence of breast cancer in the Gaza Strip in (2017_2018), reached 300 new cases annually.

The report showed that the rate of breast cancer reached 16 cases for 100 thousand people, while women with breast cancer reached 31 women for 100,000, and 1.2 percent in men, noting that breast cancer represents 17 percent of all types of cancer. with 14 percent accounted for deaths among cancer cases.