MoH in Gaza, continues support of Special care nursery (SCN) departments decrease in the percentage of newborns mortality rate

Special care nursery (SCN) departments are an essential part of maternity hospitals where preterm and newborn babies receive the necessary care. Subsequently, the Ministry attached particular care to SCN’s, therefore they continue to provide support and to put extra efforts to develop its work. This has contributed to improve health indicators and to  decrease the percentage of newborns mortality rate and disability rates.

According to Dr. Ahmed Shatat Director of the Physicians Department, Ministry of Health in collaboration with UNICEF,  have provided appropriate medical equipment for SCN  departments  and to increase bed capacity. As part of the Ministry’s policy to support medical staff (doctors, nurses, and midwives) have been assigned to Makassed Hospital during the past two years to acquire skills there. In addition to applying a several theoretical and practical training programs that have been implemented on the most common neonatal resuscitation diseases.