MoH projects priority

The Attached Projects: 


·      Out of primary health care centers, 35% have bad old building and infrastructure.

·      Regarding hospitals, out of 13 , there are 5 hospitals built for more than 50 years with almost collapsed infrastructures. 6 hospitals are established in buildings of primary health care centers. 2 are in mod to good construction.

·      Many buildings such as: warehouses, pharmacy, EMS, central lab. And administrative are very old.

·      Tens of laboratory and radiological equipment are out of use, so the attached projects include:

1.        Construction and rehabilitation.

2.        Medical and ancillary equipment.

3.        Health training and capacity building.

4.        Drugs and disposables.

5.        Mental health services.

6.        Emergency medical services.

7.        Information technology.

8.        Engineering and maintenance.

9.        Warehouse for drugs and ancillaries.

Health planning and health administration