The medical team at EGH performed 603 surgical operations during  August, among these surgeries, 50 were described as highly-skilled operations.

According to the statistical statement issued by EGH, 161 operations were classified as major cases and 153 as moderate, while minor operations scored a number of 239 operations.

According to the report, ophthalmic surgery recorded the largest share of the total operations in the hospital, with a total of 169 operations, including 9 major operations, 57 moderate operations and 103 minor operations.

Where Orthopedics ranked the second on the list with a total of 156 operations, including 18 highly-skilled operations and 46 major operations.

Cardiac catheterization reached 132 cases, while 9 open heart operations were performed, including 6 highly skilled operations.  Pediatric staff also managed to perform 60 surgeries, including 5 highly skilled operation and 28 major operations.

Otorhinolaryngology also conducted 53 operations during August, 6 of them are highly-skilled operations, and 10 of them are major operations.

Where Neurosurgery performed 26 surgeries, including 8 highly-skilled surgeries and 12 major operations,  Thoracic Surgery, on the other hand, performed 3 operations were described as highly-skilled.

Vascular surgery department in EGH, however, conducted 41 operations, including 5 major surgeries. While the report stated that they performed 10 operations regarding Great March of Return injured civilians.

It is worth mentioning that EGH provides medical services to more than half a million residents of the governorates of the southern Gaza Strip.