Al-Najjar Hospital is threatened within 9 days of paralyzing the important hospital departments due to the fuel crisis.
Between the shortage of medicine and lack of fuel a lot of threat to the health services exists. Today we stand with our medical staff to announce that there is dangerous signal due to fuel depletion at Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, Where there is fuel left only enough for nine days, In light of this, we refer to the following:
1-  As the fuel crisis worsens and the remaining fuel is depleted within nine days, it means the deprivation of 250 thousand people who benefit from the hospital departments at the rate of 400 patients per day.
2-  The hospital needs a monthly fuel amount of 22,000 liters as 740 liters per day to operate the generator in a capacity of 500 kva .
3-  Power blackout for more than 16 hours which increased the fuel crisis and depriving 85 patients of kidney failure patients from daily and weekly dialysis sessions.
4-  The continuation of this crisis affects the work of medical personnel in the hospital and impose a state of confusion, which means postponing surgeries, blood tests, and the work in the radiology department.
5-  At this difficult moments, MOH-Gaza calls for all those concerned donors to quickly and consistently provide fuel, so we do not have to announce that we stopped our hospital services at once.

Palestinian Ministry of Health- Gaza
Abu Youssef Al- Najjar Hospital
12th Sep 2018