Nutrition Department: Therapeutic Nutrition Service for patients with Chronic diseases -Gaza strip

The high rate of obesity and overweight among school students and pregnant women urged Nutrition Department in MOH to start National Nutrition Surveillance System. The primary care has started with the first steps of this program by transferring cases that need therapeutic nutrition to a specialist.
Director of Nutrition Department of Primary Care at the Ministry of Health Dr. Samar Al-Nakhal said that categories targeted for these therapeutic services are patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity patients, anemic, schoolchildren in addition to the overweight, underweight, short stature in children, which requires guidance on health nutrition diet that is appropriate for them.The basic program for the department monitoring of the nutrition situation in Palestine by the National Nutrition Surveillance System is issued annually containing important nutrition indicators such as the prevalence of anemia among infants and pregnant women, and the prevalence of wasting, underweight, stunting and obesity among infants and school children.
Dr. Al-Nakhal reviewed the main activities of the Nutrition Department in 2018, a booklet for patients with kidney failure was issued in coordination with Health Education Department, in addition to preparing brochures on proper nutrition during Ramadan.