In a joint press conference between them Palestinian  Ministry of Health- Gaza and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA’S held in the warehouses of the MOH on 25-11-2018.

Dr. Ashraf Abu Mahadi, the representative of the MOH  thanked the people and the government of Japan for their efforts in supporting and developing the health sector in the Gaza Strip through several projects, the most important of which is the establishment of the early detection unit for breast cancer, the provision of equipment to the  laboratory of Al-Shifa Medical Complex,  and assistance in the management of medical waste. He also stressed that the government of Japan will soon begin a project aimed at supporting and rehabilitating victims of the Return Marches And Breaking the Siege.

Ms. Mitsui, the representative of JICA, announced the arrival of the first shipment of drugs under the  1 million $ government grant of Japan, which included part of the cancer drugs and chronic disease drugs.

During the joint tour in the main drug stores in Gaza City, Ms. Mitsui confirmed that the JICA Foundation is discussing with the Ministry and civil institutions the needs of the rehabilitation and physiotherapy sector, where a Japanese rehabilitation expert will arrive in December 2018 to assess needs and to plan appropriate interventions that will not be limited to equipment and medicine donations but also capacity building.