Palestinian Ministry of Health – Gaza conduct an extended meeting to determine the priorities of its plan for the next phase

Ministry of Health conducted an expanded meeting to “prioritize the Ministry’s plan for the next phase” at the Ministry’s headquarter in Gaza today Thursday.

the meeting was headed by Deputy Minister of Health  Dr. Youssef Abu Rish and with the participation of the Ministry’s general directors, specialists in health planning, and representatives of international, civil and local institutions.

The Encounter was opened by Dr. Abu Reish stressing on the need to unify the future vision for the next phase by adopting a comprehensive plan for the health sector.

During the meeting Dr. Khalil Shaqfeh  General Director of planning and  policy-making, presented an overview of the previous strategic plans, a review of objectives, and the proposed programs, which included the promotion of comprehensive health services at all levels,  Emergency response and crisis management, Strengthening human resources management, as well as strengthening partnership and integration with various partners.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees recommended the establishment of an advisory commission to follow up the implementation of the work plan in the next phase, and formation of specialized committees for children and women, mental health and others.