Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza Delegation visits the Indonesian Hospital and commends the staff’s efforts

A delegation from MOH headed by Deputy   Minister of Health Dr. Yousef Abu al-Rish visited the construction site of the Indonesian hospital.

Where the Indonesian delegation planned to add two new floors to increase bed capacity in the hospital.

During the visit, Dr. Abu Rish expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian government and people for their continuous support to the health sector in Palestine by building a hospital that provides medical care for our people in the northern Gaza Strip, which was officially launched in 2015.

Dr. Abu Al-Reish listened to the patient’s suggestions and opinions about the medical services provided, promising to work on finding solutions and taking suggestions into account.

Dr. Abu Al-Rish praised the efforts of the medical and administrative staff who continue efforts to improve the quality of services provided despite the difficult conditions that face health facilities in the Gaza Strip.