Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza shortage of generators’ fuel threatens the lives of 800 patients

Hundreds of patients with renal failure are threatened to lose their lives while the fuel crisis took place in Ministry of Health Hospitals, since Gaza Strip hospitals rely mainly on  generators to obtain electricity.

The current crisis  started more than 12 years with the start of the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Abu Mohammed, 50 years old, who we met during his hemodialysis at Al-Shifa hospital, expressed his sadness and pain about the reality of renal failure patients who are constantly exposed to various crises, wondering how long the patients in Gaza will continue to be violated.

All equipment for renal dialysis works on electricity, and renal failure patient cannot live without hemodialysis, which means that they are subjected to many complications leading to toxemia and then eventually death.

Head of hemodialysis Department at Al-Shifa Hospital Dr. Abdullah al-Qayshawi said We have more than 800 patients in the Gaza Strip undergo hemodialysis within a specified time and the power outages impose danger on their lives. Since the beginning of 2019, Ministry of Health in Gaza has been facing a severe shortage of fuel for hospital generators, with no clear prospects for resolving the crisis, making many health facilities threatened to stop work and endanger the lives of Gaza  patients.