MOH-Gaza, PA Cutting salaries of medical personnel aimed at crushing the health system

press release by the Ministry of Health-Gaza


Palestinian National Authority cuts salaries of 262 medical personnel in Gaza is a flagrant violation of the right to health and puts the lives of our patients at risk especially in the critical departments.

These successive crises continue to plague the health system, for 13 years, and these practices aime at depriving the Palestinian patients of their therapeutic rights.

One time we see patients fight for their right of medicine, and once again they fight for health providers, after the procedures of the Palestinian Authority to cut the salaries of 262 medical personnel of the Ministry of Health in various health disciplines.

 In light of these ongoing crises, the Ministry of Health- Gaza refers to the following:

  1. The procedures of cutting the salaries of health personnel come to fail the health system and deliberately impoverish the health system of the specialized health staff, where they are the cornerstone of the Ministry of Health.
  2. Among specialties have been influenced by cutting salaries 48 general practitioner, and 20 specialist physician, 3 dentists, 36 nurse, 3 physiotherapists, 2 psychologists, 11 lap specialist , 7 X-ray technicians, 7 health inspectors, 40 administrates, 23 services workers, 5 engineers and maintenance technicians.
  3. The abandonment of human resources and deliberately lose their financial and administrative rights is a waste of the Ministry of Health efforts in the past years to build and strengthen human capacities in all health system, which have been implemented to improve levels of service.
  4. We call on the international community and legal entities to protect the rights of employees and to undermine those procedures that lack legal and administrative justification, and pressure to stop them.

Ministry of Health-Gaza