Palestinian National Authority cuts  salaries of 262 medical personnel  in Gaza

Representatives of the Palestinian political factions met with the Deputy Minister of MOH-Gaza to discuss the salaries that the Palestinian National Authority cut in the Ministry of Health in Gaza for 262 health professionals.

 In a press release the factions representatives condemned cutting off salaries of hundreds of employees working in health facilities in the Gaza Strip.

Head of the national l relations in the Islamic Jihad movement Mr. Khader Habib, described this act as a “crime”, pointing out that it gets worse when it touches the lives of our patients.

While the Member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front Mr. Maher Mezher said that this step is “flawed and is considered as a serious violation as it touches  employees in critical departments in health facilities such as Intensive Care Unit(ICU), oncology and anesthesia.

Member of the same  Front Mr. Issam Abu Daqqa said that we need to strengthen the  durability of the medical  workers and provide them with all the needs and requirements to save the  lives of our patients , and finally he noted  that the policy of cutting the salaries of health workers is a direct contribution to the collapse of the health system in Gaza.

It is noteworthy that  cutting salaries policy  of employees in the health sector targeted highly qualified staff in each  department like; ICU, SCBU, operation rooms  and pediatric oncology departments.