Dr. Mahmoud Shbeir, Head of hematology department at Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi Specialist hospital for Children said  that they diagnoses about 80 new cases of cancer of children annually in the Gaza Strip.

Pointing out that the majority of incidence of cancer are leukemia, neurological tumors or renal tumors. Adding  that patients who need chemotherapy, surgical and radiotherapy are referred to West Bank hospitals where they are treated or transferred to other hospitals.

Illustrating that Ministry of Health Inaugurated  The second largest  Pediatric Cancer Department  In Rantisi Hospital in Gaza Strip sponsored by The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund PCRF, the project cost reached 3.5 million USD.

It is anticipated that the new department will help in mitigating the mortality and morbidity of cancer among children.The department is set up as a healing facility, with the intention of ensuring that children receive proper care. Pointing out the new department includes 16 rooms, equipped for 16 patients in addition to 13  beds for the day care clinic.